5 Paint Colours Buyers Want to See — and Might Pay More For

Colour theory isn’t a new science. Certain colours illicit an emotional reaction, be it good or bad. Choosing the right paint colours to refresh your home before putting it on the market is an important step. With this list in hand, be confident knowing you’ve picked a modern palette that will draw in potential buyers (and big offers).

Mellow Yellow

Exterior paint technologies have come a long way. For example, eco-friendly self0cleaning paint technology inspired by the lotus flower.

If your home’s exterior is in need of some TLC, this is the time to splash on a new paint colour. Brake the neutral- only mold and go with a hue that’s really hot right now – soft butter yellow. 

Grey stroke

Painting the exterior of your home before shooting listing photos has the power to punch up its value in a big way. Not only will a fresh paint colour draw interest, but buyers will appreciate not having to do it themselves down the road.

If staying within the neutral palette and playing it safe is more to your style, then “greige” is for you. As a mix go grey and beige, it combines the warm tans of biege with the cool white undertones of ever-popular grey. 

Black out

Many of the interior paint colours that are trending today are extreme, but don’t be turned off. They will attract buyers. Knowing that you won’t be living with this colour for the next five years may actually be quite freeing, so go bold.

This year, one of the most popular paint colours doesn’t have colour at all – true matte black is popping up everywhere. Edgy and dramatic, dedicate a whole room to this dark colour or use it to highlight a feature wall or door.

Seadise Getaway

Striking a beautiful balance between soft blue and sage green, muted sea form is coating everything from kitchen cabinets to bedrooms. 

While it matches up nicely with grey, taupe, and brown, this colour really shines when staged with orange and coral. Also if you’re felling emboldened, try a monochromatic look and paint both the walls and trim for an of-the-moment feel.

Green Giant

Moving along the green spectrum, we find our next and final value-adding colour for 2018 – a dark green. This deep, moody hue reminds us of our relationship with nature, and can make us feel more connected to our surroundings. 

A dark clue-green is also a great alternative to the ultra-hip (and somewhat intimidating) black, which will harness the power of avant-garde palettes. This deep green jeweltoned paint colour for any room in your home gives it instant air of opulence.

From the inside out, make use of these on-trend colours in your home to capture the attention and imagination of potential buyers. When buyers see a palette in your home they’ve only seen in magazines, its value (and your decorating cache) could get a big boost.

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