8 Renovations You Need to Start in Autumn

While summer is essentially behind us, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Canada may just be one of the best places on the planet come autumn – and it’s also the ideal time to tackle a variety of renovations. So, to get you inspired for the crisp season ahead, here are a few home repairs to check off before winter hits. 

Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Cleaning Gutters During The Summer

The start of fall is the best time to clean out eavestroughs and downspouts. It’s not a fun or glamorous job, but it’s essential for the upkeep of your home. Make it easier on yourself this year and install covers or guards. You can find these at most hardware stores, and they’re a great way to reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutters.

Exterior Painting

Beautiful house with large feature windows and beautiful landscaping.

If you have plans to paint exterior elements of your home, this is the season to get the job done. Working outside in the heat of summer is brutal, which makes the beginning of fall the perfect time to check this to-do off your reno list.

Driveways and Paths

Modern two-storey home at night illuminated by warm outdoor lights

Having a well-paved driveway is so important. I’ve witnessed one too many sunken driveways, which can cause a whole host of issues going forward — so call in an expert for this one! If you’ve moved into a new-build, don’t add pathways or any concrete right away, as the backfill needs time to settle. Leave it for a few years to let all the movement happen and to ensure cracks and other issues don’t form within the concrete.

Roof Repair or Replacement

Brick townhouse rooftops

Get your roof repaired in autumn, too! Roof renos may feel like a burden (nobody likes spending money on a reno they can barely see) but as I always say, without a solid roof, all of the well-designed aspects inside your home will suffer. If you think a roof repair is overdue, get it fixed! You might not enjoy it, but it’s a lot less fun to deal with a leaking roof in the dead of winter. 

Deck & Patio

Out door deck with glass barriers and wicker furniture

After a long summer and many relaxing evenings spent on your deck or patio, autumn is a great time to renovate your outdoor space, or start one from scratch. If you’re considering this, research the best materials available for your budget and always think about how to keep it low-maintenance. The last thing you want is a deck or patio that requires constant upkeep.

Windows & Doors

Living room door and windows with white blinds and white drapery panel

Now is the perfect time to think about fixing that drafty door or replacing your aging windows. It’s not always easy to time this properly with the rain that often comes during the fall, but it’s better to tackle the job when it’s cooler outside versus hot and humid. Remember to weatherproof when working on windows and doors — it’s important that they’re as airtight as possible.


Empty and bare attic

The attic is a key part of any home, and it’s often neglected. Transforming an attic into a living space is not an easy feat, but it will add value to your home. However, even if you aren’t thinking of renovating, it requires regular care. Make sure your attic is sealed correctly, properly ventilated and has updated insulation.


Empty basement with pink insulation on the walls

I know I always talk about insulation, but that’s because it is so important, and autumn is an ideal time to get the job done. There are many different ways to insulate, and they change according to your home and the space you want to renovate. But having a well-insulated home makes it much warmer (and far more energy efficient) come winter.


Courtesy of HGTV

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